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If you have a business related to hotels or inns on Rhode Island, then you can advertise your business here. This site is about hotels and inns in Rhode Island and people who visit this site looking for good hotels and inns in this area. So, your business will get a lot of exposure on this platform.

We provide several advertising solutions for your business. You can choose one or more options according to your business needs. Here is a quick discussion on the options that we have.

Banner ads

These ads will highlight your business on our site. If you can create a graphic-rich and attractive banner ad for your company then people will click on the ads to know more about it and get redirected to your site. There they will be able to learn more about your brand and you will get the opportunity to convert the leads to customers.

We offer banner ads of various sizes and the prices will vary accordingly. The location and frequency of the ads are also considered.

Paid reviews

We can write good reviews for your products or services and encourage people to buy them. We will differentiate your products from that of the competitors and tell prospective customers why your brand is better. We will highlight the best aspects of your business and get you more customers.


You can sponsor various events that we organize like quizzes or contests. By sponsoring the event your brand will become more prominent. People will know about your brand and they will be interested in buying from you.

Social media ads

We can create good social media ads for you. You will be able to reach a lot of audiences through social ads. These ads will generate more leads and earn more revenue for your business.

To know more about the advertising options and the rates you can contact us. We will help you throughout the process.